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CGI production

From the virtual to the fantastical, amazing CGI content is at your fingertips.
Photo-realistic imagery is our specialism. We achieve this by expertly combining our 3D capability with our retouch and post-production departments, making it the perfect blend of 2D and 3D. This tight integration forms a production pipeline that’s capable of delivering stills, 3D animation and a combination of 3D and live action.

Key use scenarios for CGI/3D are often virtual product replacements, CGI environments or animations that help explain complex systems or showcase a product.

We deliver:

  • 3D Animations
  • Product packshots
  • Food & fluids
  • Set builds
  • Interactive product presentations
  • Content for online product configurators

3D for motion

3D animation

Animated content lends itself to story-telling, world-building and can deliver complex messages in informative and exciting ways. We can create something that doesn’t yet exist or showcase your product or service from a new perspective.

3D and Live Action

No longer the sole reserve of major feature films, our combination of 3D animation with live action gives you a powerful storytelling tool. We’re technically adept in this area, using photogrammetry, 3D scene survey and cutting edge tracking technology to ensure the final results are accurate and convincing. This is all wrapped in a robust production pipeline that’s successfully delivered work on major campaigns for leading brands.

3D for configurators

3D content is the perfect partner for emerging technologies. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and web based presentation methods all leverage the benefits of 3D content. We create interactive content that allows the user to interact with products from multiple angles, in multiple variations, whilst highlighting it’s function and special features. The two main approaches for web based configurators are pre-rendered and real-time.

Pre-rendered configurators

Pre-rendered configurators are image based, similar to an animation sequence. This type of configurator doesn’t feature the 3D model directly, as the user is interacting with rendered images of the 3D model. This means there are no limits in image accuracy, true photo-realism is possible. It’s worth noting that the users viewpoint is fixed and limited using this technique. We used this pre-rendered technique when working on Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 90 configurator, click here to launch.

Real-time configurators

Real-time configurators offer complete flexibility in movement and can feature animation. This technology is similar to that used in computer games, so there are limits in the level of photo-realism that can be achieved.

3D for still images

Our approach to 3D for still images is based on the fundamental principles of photography. We’re exhaustive in our quest for believable results and pixel perfect integration.

Retouched to perfection

We give our 3D renders the same love and care we give photographic material. This means all 3D output is passed onto our retouch department for integration and finish. It’s the only way for us to meet our exacting standards.

CADline – CAD data as a marketing resource

Leaveraging digital design data to produce marketing content is an ever increasing feature of todays leading campaigns. Why? Because it’s efficient, flexible and means you can start the marketing cycle sooner than ever before.
We process your CAD design data to build virtual versions of your products. With this resource your now ready to create a complete suite of marketing content, from stills to animation and interactive.

Watch our CADline explainer video, you’ll gain an vital understanding of the advantages of re-purposing your CAD data and it’s increasing relevance to you and your business.

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