Colour and vivid visuals

Creative retouch for stills and motion

Creative retouch

Attention to detail is king.

There is no better illustration of this than in our retouch department. It’s an essential mix of an expert understanding of the principles of photography and technical ability that leads to such stunning imagery.

No matter what the source, we’re able to bring diverse visual elements together to create stunning results everytime.

We deliver:

  • Multi-image composites
  • Look & feel work
  • Portrait retouch
  • 2.5D & motion
  • Skin / beauty work
  • Image extensions & reformatting

Multi-image composites

Our retouch department is skilled at bringing a wide range of source material together into a cohesive whole.

Working collaboratively with photographers, we’re practiced in helping them realise their creative vision. We often combine studio shoots with real life locations, products with enhanced backgrounds and seamlessly place people into new locations.

We’re able to offer and advise on creative options through the use of 3D/CGI. Combining photographic with CGI renders offers a whole new world of creative possibilities as we skillfully combine the two.


We know how challenging it can be to find the right imagery, that’s why we’re flexible in our approach to the brief. Need to combine client supplied material with stock imagery? No problem, we’ll get it to work.



Look & feel

We transform images through a photographic knowledge of light and colour allied with artistic flair.

Sometimes subtle, other times dramatic, we’ll work with you to heighten the impact of your imagery and help drive home your message.

2.5D & Motion

Sitting between the worlds of static images and full motion, 2.5D is ideally suited to digital platforms such as online and out-of-home. It’s a natural fit that the content we produce for stills can also be repurposed for motion.

Parallax scrolling, shifts in perspective, animated elements or stop-motion style, all can be used to attract the viewers eye. We’re practised in the producing 2D content in the most flexible way, so that it can be rolled our across multiple devices and platforms.


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