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VFX and Colour Grading


Powered by technique and technology this is film post production with a difference.

Post-production for motion combines our compositing, visual effects and colour grading capabilities. It forms the core of our motion department, as it ties all relevant inputs together, blending them into a visually cohesive whole.

We’re able to employ the techniques that are used in major feature films across an ever expanding range of media. Through experience and a clever application of technique, The Image Faculty’s post production facilities can be combined and tailored to fit many types of project.

From pre-production through to final delivery, we’re able to solve problems whilst helping our clients deliver strong messages and stunning results.

We deliver:

  • Colour grading
  • Visual Effects
  • Set extensions
  • Shot clean-up
  • Background replacements
  • Match moved integrated shots
  • Audio & Voice over

Colour grading

Colour and tone are some of the most subtle, yet powerful ways to evoke mood and establish your visual narrative. From 30 second TVC’s through to multi-episode drama series, we’re experienced at delivering captivating visual experiences using colour artistry.

Visual effects

Visual Effects encompasses a wide range of tools and techniques that makes it the Swiss Army knife of post-production. Our VFX department has created impossible product cut-aways, made cartoon characters spring off the page and transported detectives back to the scene of the crime.


Composting forms the backbone of the post-production process. It’s where we blend elements together and integrate material such as CGI into real-life footage.

We always endevour to stay flexible and keep creative opportunities open during the post-production process. Tight integration between CGI and post-production means we take full advantage of all technical benefits this workflow offers. Re-lighting, re-colourising, creative use of depth-of-field and adjustable motion blur are just a few of the benefits on offer.

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