Grundfos – CR pump range campaign

When you need to go big, you need to go big. Enter our CGI and post-production departments.

Client: Grundfos Denmark

Director: Michael Langhoff

Production Company: Uitch Iscratch

Our work: 3D/animation, VFX & post-production.

Grundfos had suitably large ambitions in showcasing the technology and breadth of their enterprise level CG pump range. When Uitch Iscratch were commissioned to produce a film that showcased the product range, they turned to us to help realize their vision through a combination of CGI and post-production.

Transporting and handling these huge products was a logistical problem. For reasons of cost and convenience we recommended building CG versions of the product range. This facilitated a nimble shoot and presented creative possibilities in post-production.

We took an active part in the filming, capturing the set and lighting so the CGI products could be integrated with the highest of accuracy.

Using our photographic knowledge we captured the various lighting setups, scanned the one physical unit and marked up the warehouse location so that it could be accurately tracked.

Big Data

We processed a large amount of CAD data, crafted photoreal finishes and lit the CG products using the HDR’s captured from the set. The internal workings if the pumps where composited over the film and screen replacements added a technical narrative to the film.

Finally we brought all the shots together. During the colour grade we pushed the cool tones to highlight the industrial techy universe that these products live in.

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