AIDS Fondet – JWT Copenhagen


We brought these provocative pills to life through 3D and retouch.


Client: Aids Fondet

Agency:  John Walter Thompson, Copenhagen

Our work: 3D & retouch

The fact that there have been massive advances in the treatment of HIV and Aids means that more relaxed attitudes to unprotected sex need to be countered.

JWT Copenhagen’s concept was to create a series of striking images that communicate the possible consequences of not using condoms – a life-time of heavy medication. JWT approached us about executing their vision in a graphic yet photographic way.

CGI Production

Simple imagery needs attention to detail. Whilst there was no need for a great deal of visual development required between JWT’s initial comps and the final artwork, this job was all about the surface details and using light and shadow to shape the forms so they’re easy to read.

Studying high resolution photography of different pills revealed a surprising level of complexity in their surface. So this is what we set about to capture.

Closely following JWT’s direction we matched their comps with pixel perfect accuracy. A strong directional light source was added to create the distinctive graphical look of the treatment. Everything was rendered out in a way that allowed it to be placed over different backgrounds. JWT also requested that individual elements be supplied so that the figures could possibly be animated in the future.

When it came to the final finish this job required the light touch to match the original concepts. High resolution print ready files with alphas were supplied to JWT for maximum flexibility.

Here at The Image Faculty we’re always happy to help out when there’s an important message with social consequences. Have a similar type of project with a community message? Get in touch.

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