And then there was silence – Spine Studio

A photography book with a serious message.

Client:  Spine Studio

Photographer: Jan Grarup

Our work: Retouch

This book, a collection of images by photographer Jan Grarup, is a painful look at conflict zones and the people affected by them. We were proud to contribute towards it’s release with retouch work under Jan’s supervision.

This project wasn’t a question of beautification, more an excercise in delicately balancing the images so they printed correctly and allowed the content to come to the fore.

At The Image Faculty we’re strong believers in the power of imagery to provoke thought and action. Jan’s book has reached all corners of the globe, making us proud to have contributed to such an influential project with an ever important message.

We’re always interested in working with projects with a strong social message and the intention to do good. If you need help getting your message out there, let us know.

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