ARKK – Lion launch campaign

Launching a new shoe with a little help from our 3D department.

Client: ARKK Copenhagen

Our work: 3D/animation, VFX, Post-production & retouch

ARKK are a young ambitious sneaker brand based in our home town of Copenhagen. Being a  scandinavian brand, their sense of design, lust for simplicity and clean lines run throughout the shoe range.

The Lion roars

The Lion model is something of a statement design, acting as an ambassador for the brand. With a number of important buyer meetings in place ARKK needed for the right promotional material.

However, there was one problem. At this stage of the product cycle there were only a few early production samples of the shoe available. Not the ideal material for selling in the new design. So that’s when ARKK’s chief marketing officer Martin called us to explore what’s possible.

CADline equals accelerated marketing

In response, we were happy to tell Martin about our CADline service. By taking existing design data we’re able to process it to the point that it becomes indistinguishable from the final product. This means marketing materials can be generated early in the products cycle, even before it physically exists.

Accelerated marketing equals sales

Once we received 3D data of the Lion upper and outsole we processed it so that it’s surfaces were ready for the beauty treatment. Using physical samples as reference we began creating various materials and textures.

Whilst ARKK signed-off on our virtual version, we prepared mood boards and a storyboard. We created a simple architectural world with sharp angular planes and neon highlights that offered contrast to the shoes clean sharp look.

The results – a sold out shoe line that pushed the Lion shoe and the ARKK brand into the conscious of the sneaker hungry public. Using our 3D and post-production service ARKK unleashed their new design with the highest level of impact, all before the actual product started rolling off the production line.

You too can overcome the multiple challenges of a product launch. Give us a call and find out how our visual content creation expertise will help you promote your brand and drive product sales.
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