ARKK – Spyqon

CGI animation for ARKK’s spyqon shoe launch.

Client: ARKK Copenhagen

Our work: 3D/animation, VFX, Post-production & retouch

Once again we teamed up with ARKK Copenhagen for the launch of their Spyqon sneaker. Set in the moody universe we created for ARKK, the shoe’s components come together for the final pay-off.

This was a full CGI build of the shoe with 3D scans for the extreme close-up shots.

We also generated a series of stills for use in other marketing activities, making clever reuse of material created for the animation.


“We’re innovators at ARKK Copenhagen, so it totally makes sense that we partner with The Image Faculty. They understand our vision and delivered future-proof marketing materials” – Martin Maaløe – Chief Marketing Officer

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