BeoSound Shape – Launch campaign

Once again we teamed up with E-Types and Bang & Olufsen for the launch of the BeoSound Shape speaker system.

Client: Bang & Olufsen

Agency: E-Types

Our work: Compositing, animation, colour grading & retouch

Bang & Olufsen constantly push the boundaries with their radical approach to sound design and how it features in our lives. The Beosound Shape system of wall mounted speakers offers a multitude of options and possibilities. E-Types were tasked with helping Bang and Olufsen visually realise the modular nature of the product.

We were in early discussion with E-types, helping them plan the best approach to producing content across film and print/digital.

Integrated asset creation

Crafting flexible content is what we’re all about. We’re an integrated production studio built specifically for the purpose of producing multi-channel content. For this campaign our in-house capabilities dovetailed perfectly in producing the kind of high quality content required by a leading edge brand such as Bang & Olufsen.

We understand the potential problems of hitting multiple touch points when launching a product or service. We’ve engineered a service that’s purposely built to service our clients in this scenario. Get in touch to find out more.

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