Carlsberg – Seasons greetings

A seasonal series for Carlsberg Group.


Client: Carlsberg Group

Agency: Stillman Design

Our work: Baking, 3D/CGI and retouch

When Stillman Design approached us with a range of image ideas for Carlsberg’s christmas card, we reached for the mouse and wooden spoon. Yeah that’s right, not only are we deft with a wacom pen, we’re also able to mix it up in the kitchen.

Decisions, Decisions…

A large part of our production process involves applying the correct methods to the job at hand. We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes real-life cannot be beat. So we decided that the best way to make the uniquely ‘Hop’ shaped cookies was to actually bake them and shoot them.

Let’s get physical

Taking the supplied vector artwork of Carlsberg’s hop design, we went to see our friends at Republikken. With our high tech cookie cutters ready, we got busy with the dough and slammed them in the oven.

Next – with the smell of freshly baked cookies still wafting through the office, the icing design was skillfully executed in retouch based on Stillman’s designs. A similar process of photography and retouch was used for the sugar sprinkles and cut-out text.

The other concepts were perfect for a combination of 3D / 2D and retouch. We invited Stillman over for a real-time session of composition, lighting and look development with our 3D department. This was the quickest way to nail the overall look of the various concepts.

The final 3D renders got the usual love and attention from our retouch department. The whole series were brought together with the same cosy look and feel.


As you can see, we’re flexible in our approach to image creation. We’re ready to roll-up our sleeves and do whatever is required to get the job done. If that job requires a pinch of salt, a rolling pin and a plywood laser cutting machine then no problem, you know who to call.
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