CO-OP – Mustang bicycles

Capturing the joy of cycling in the studio and on location.

Client: CO-OP

Agency: Jes Larsen, Territorium

Our work: Retouch

Here in Copenhagen we’re world famous for our favoured mode of transport – the humble bicycle.

So as you can imagine, there are quite a few sold every year. The CO-OP is one of Denmarks larger retailers, and have their own brand of bicycle, Mustang.


Studio and location in harmony

In discussion with photographer Jes Larsen we decided that the most flexible and sure way to shoot this series was with a combination of studio and location photography. This meant that we would not fall prey to the unpredictable weather, whilst also being able to shoot the talent and cycles under well controlled conditions.

Bringing it all together

We artfully composited the images together, adding dramatic accent lighting and shadows where needed. The final touch – an appealing, welcoming look was applied to the whole series.

Mixing studio and location photography is often a great solution, offering control and convenience. It needs to be planned correctly and then expertly finished if it’s truly going to work. Get in touch with our retouch department and find out how we can help.
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