Danmarks Naturfredningsforening – Naturen overtager folketingssalen

We get wild with Denmark’s Parliment.

Client: Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

Photographer: Jes Larsen / Territorium

Our work: 3D/CGI & Retouch

When the Danish parliment returned from their summer break, they each received a framed copy of this image, as a reminder to fund natural conservation programmes.

It was a great thrill to have access to the location where all of Denmark’s political representatives conduct the business of running the nation. Once we had the photographic backplates, we composited a number of shots together, giving us the ideal coverage of the scene.

In close consultation with Danmarks Naturefredningsforening, we began collecting 3D models of native species of plants and various botanical life. Once all the 3D elements where in place and rendered, retouch carefully layered in the plants and added some wildlife (look closely).

Upon launch on social media, the image garnered a lot of attention and comments. In fact, so many people asked if they could buy a copy of the print, Denmarks Naturfredningsforening decided to do a limited A2 print run, with the proceeds going to support conservation projects here in Denmark. Get a copy for yourself;





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