Euroman – Rune Klan

We make Rune’s nightmare a reality through photography, 3D and retouch.

Client: Euroman Magazine

Agency: Jes Larsen, Territorium

Our work: 3D/CGI & Retouch

This editorial shot for Euroman magazine was a great concept that needed a special solution to see it fully realised.

Rune wakes from a nightmare to find himself surrounded by creatures-of-the-night. We needed to have some truly creepy creatures for this one, so snakes, scorpions and tarantula spiders where chosen.

On set

On-set we used photogrammetry of the caravan interior that captured a 3D representation and camera match of the scene. Capturing this data meant we could accurately place the various animals into position and have them interact with Rune in a convincing way.


The final touch was to add a suitably horrific look and feel that concealed horrors in the shadows whilst revealing the scary truth in the highlights.

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