Euroman – Rune Klan

We make Rune’s nightmare a reality through photography, 3D and retouch.

Client: Euroman Magazine

Agency: Jes Larsen, Territorium

Our work: 3D/CGI & Retouch

We’re proud to announce this editorial shot is featured in Luerzers Archive 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 2019/20.

Photographer Jes Larsen had a great concept that needed a special solution to see it fully realised.

Rune wakes from a nightmare to find himself surrounded by creatures-of-the-night. Truly creepy creatures such as snakes, scorpions and tarantula spiders where needed to create a terrifying scene. So we dived into our 3D toolkit and created a range of creatures that could be posed and integrated into the scene.

On set

Using photogrammetry we captured the caravan interior so that we had a  3D representation of the scene. Capturing this data meant we could accurately build dummy surfaces of the caravan interior and Rune. Most importantly we could also calculate and replicate Jes’s real-world camera. This meant that when we started adding the CG creatures, they matched exactly with the photographic backplate.


Below you can see some of the stages the image went through as we built elements into the original photography.

The final touch was to add a suitably horrific look and feel that concealed horrors in the shadows whilst revealing the scary truth in the highlights.

Need art directable animals and creepy-crawlies? We can help. Get in touch and find out how we can help realise your creative vision.

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