Fishermen – Portrait series

Portrait retouch on a grand scale.

Client: Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Esbjerg

Photographer: Jes Larsen, Territorium

Our work: Retouch

Commissioned by the Fishing and Seafaring Museum, Jes along with artist Emilia Rubaek where tasked with telling the story of the fishermen of Esbjerg. Through a combination of photography and illustration, we’re invited into their wild working world.

We aided in bringing these beautiful black and white portraits to life through retouch. Jes’s dramatic lighting was further enhanced as we heightened the texture and detail of their rugged features.

The final images where then printed at a large format size for the exhibition, further inviting the viewer into the fisherman’s experience.

We excel at portrait retouch. Get in touch with our retouch department to hear how we can help.
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