JABii – Product Launch

 We produced a Digital Twin of the JABII AR sports product.

Client: JABII

Our work: Data preperation, 3D/animation, compositing, colour grading.

JABII is a new product in the hi-tech sports sector. Launching in 2020, it’s a collision of the virtual and physical worlds in the form of an AR-fighting game. 

JABII needed to start producing polished, slick product shots of the unit for its online push. The only problem, the unit was still in development and only incomplete physical prototypes existed.

Product Insight

By making a Digital Twin of their product, we began producing content for them that could be updated as the design changed.

Another advantage of this approach was the ability to show the internal workings of the product. By producing attractive cross-sectional views of the unit, the customer can get a clear insight into how the product functions and tech behind it.


“E-commerce without great product imagery is near impossible. We had a great process with The Image Faculty and they delivered great results. We have used the produced assets for both our website and content for social media – it’s been crucial in our pre-launch prototype phase!” – Kristoffer Greve Nielsen, Head of Communications and PR, JABII

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