Johan Bülow – Liquorice Ice Cream

CGI ice-cream saves the day.

Client: Johan Bülow

Our work: CGI & retouch

As much as we all love ice cream, it’s not the easiest of foodstuffs to photograph.

That’s why we were happy to employ our 3D skills in creating this tub of liquorice ice-cream that does away with the melt factor. Using photographic reference we created a 3D sculpt of the soft ice, digitally drizzled it with sauce and sprinkled it with tiny liquorice pieces.

The result was a series of renders that required little clean-up in post. We also built a series of pack-shots that can be used time-and-time again with predictably perfect results.

Foods, fluids and all manner of unlikely foodstuffs are achievable in 3D. This method often allows for a high level of art direction, perfection and less mess than traditional methods. Give us a call to find out how we can help you produce some mouth-watering imagery using our 3D CGI services.

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