Lenschow & Pihlmann – Summer house

Architectural visualization in the ideal location.

Client: Lenschow & Pihlmann

Our work: 3D/CGI & Retouch

Normally a 3D visualisation of a building happens before the project exists. In this case the situation was reversed as the building had already been built.

The aim of this project was to show the building in an ideal situation, surrounded by nature and close to the sea. Lenschow and Pihlmann envisioned the house in a typically Nordic coastal situation, so they pointed us towards Sweden’s archipelago as the perfect location for their summer home.

Controlled chaos

As the project progressed we consulted with the architectural team in setting up cameras that highlighted the homes design and it’s relationship to the immediate surroundings.

Lenschow & Pihlmann were impressed to see that we could art direct nature, using our 3D tools to create naturalistic looking controlled chaos. Working from our extensive library of objects we furnished the various rooms and as a last step added the lighting to match the requested times of day.

The final touches

The final renders where passed onto the retouch department. Organic features such as the sea and fire where added in post using stock from our photo library. From here the process was very similar to how we would handle photographic material, adjustments were made to create a Nordic look and enhance the small details.

This project is a great example of our ability to recreate objects on a small and large scale. Our CADline process allows us to build virtual versions of products, but it doesn’t stop there. We have the ability to create models without CAD data, on an architectural scale, whilst presenting your design in the best context.
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