Nescafe – Animated packshots

A series of animated packshots for Nescafe and Reputation

Client: Nescafe

Agency: Reputation Copenhagen

Our work: 3D/animation, VFX and colour grading

Reputation Copenhagen have the enviable job of promoting the Nescafe brand and their products throughout the Nordic territories. This campaign for instant coffee featured a mini-documentary and TVC that takes the audience on a trip to Mexico where we meet one of their coffee farmers.

Concept / Brief

Initially Reputation needed localised versions of each pack-shot to cover the relevant territories. It was extremely important to both them and the client that Nescafe’s Nordic product range had the same look, feel and evocative lighting that featured in the film’s location.

After a short chat it became clear that the 3D approach would give Reputation creative control, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and consistency across all the shots.

CGI Production

Edible products must look delicious. Whilst this is often a hard thing to define, we all know when food-stuffs look incorrect. So from the start we were well aware that the coffee foam would need to be just right to sell the shot. Luckily we have experience in creating CG foam. So we set about creating a number of test images, aiming for that appealing looking cup of coffee.

Using product samples we built 3D versions of the required packaging. These models were added to the 3D scene which followed Reputation’s signed-off comps. Reputation knew exactly what kind of camera move they wanted.  They provided us with footage from a previous campaign that we then 3D tracked. This was the ideal starting point for the subtle camera move that was used across all the different product variations adding to the overall visual consistency.


Bringing the steam element into post-production offered the most speed and flexibility . We then tweaked the tones, colours and enhanced the scene lighting for that golden hour look to compliment the dark rich tones of the coffee.

Product updates…no problem

Six months after the initial job, Nescafe updated their range with organic choices. Again these needed to be rolled out across the Nordic territories, so they provided us with updated artwork and settings.

As we already had the majority of elements in place, the update was a relatively quick execution using the same process and workflow as the previous set of animations. This is a great example of 3D asset reuse which allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver work of the highest quality.

Take the headache out of localisation and product updates, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can build a robust set of assets that can be reused with efficiency and ease.

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