Orbit Red – Cmore

We used a wide range of techniques for this series of comedic TVC’s.

Client: Cmore

Agency: Orbit Red

BigMama Producer: Anna-Marie Elkjær

Our work: 3D/animation, VFX and colour grading

Advertising can be a wacky-world. Sometimes it requires you to take a leap of faith, sometimes a cold hard look at yourself. When Big Mama and Orbit Red approached us on this job we had no idea we’d asked to participate in the darkest of all arts, the anti-advert.

C More offer their viewers an uninterrupted viewing service. So what better way to showcase this than getting the viewer engrossed in a trailer, then blast them with a series of unwelcome adverts as happens so often on other channels.

It’s a great concept and we were involved in the creation of the faux ad’s. This involved on-set VFX supervision, CG-panty liners, cheesy pack-shots and a leaping farmer. We took all these various elements and seamlessly comped then together and added the final grade.

The result, a series of rather witty 30 second spots that punch home the point that we need never be interrupted from the drama of the cold war, or staring at Jude Law’s naked bum (see below, 15 sec).

On this project it was fun to be less subtle than usual. Get in touch if you need something stylised or a little kitch. Everyone is welcome.

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