RadioMeter – AQT90 Flex

We created a set of new product visuals using RadioMeter’s CAD data.

Client: RadioMeter

Agency: Magnetix

Our work: Data prep, 3D rendering, retouch

Magnetix contacted us to help breath life into the relaunch of RadioMeter’s AQT90 Flex. This required us to take CAD design files of the unit and it’s consumables to produce a range of images for print and exhibition.

Using our CADLine process we accurately converted the CAD files into a format ready for visualisation.

The final 3D renders where then enhanced in retouch to finesse the fine details. We cleverly combined a number of individual product shots into the family group shot. This gave the team at Magnetix maximum flexibility for creating a number of different layouts.

Our CADLine service means that your design files can be used to produce marketing materials. By building a virtual version of your product you have a resource that can be used across printed image, animations and interactive presentations. Talk to us and find out how we can leverage your design data in the next marketing push.
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