Steel Series – Siberia 800 and Sensei Mouse

Multi-channel content for Steel Series.

Client: Steel Series

Our work: 3D/CGI, VFX, compositing and colour grade

This range of content for Steel Series shows the versatility of having products as 3D assets.

Custom 3D build

Our starting point was to build 3D models from reference images and product samples. These where then shaded and textured for a photo-realistic look.

We purposely worked the products so they were suitable for both high resolution stills and animation. This meant extra care was taken with the leather and various plastic finishes so that they reflected their real-world counterparts accurately. Once our 3D builds were signed-off as ‘product correct’ the fun could begin.

A dynamic 360 degree product tour

Using dynamic camera moves and animated call-outs the viewer is introduced to the headphone in a fun way.

The production process involved creating a drawn storyboard. Then a 3D animatic allowed the client to have feedback and input on the direction of the action. Afterwards we went into the production of the final animation. Once we’d finessed the motion and lighting, the resulting renders where then composited. Finally a cool ‘techy’ look was added and animated call-outs composited in to match the action.

Dramatic stills

We then produced a series of high-resolution print ready images. These show the products in luscious detail with complimentary lighting. Our knowledge of photographic techniques mean we follow real world principles. This means we mimic traditional photographic studio lighting in 3D. Soft boxes and gradient lightsources were created to highlight and reflect into the products major surfaces.

Further light sculpting was achieved in final retouch, emphaiszing the products materials and distinctive silhouette.

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