TV2 – El Clásico

Eye-popping Out Of Home for this must-see fixture for football fans.

Client: TV2 Sport X

Our work: 3D/CGI & Retouch

The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is considered one of the biggest in global football. So to match this grand event, TV2 wanted to go huge with a site-specific double billboard. 

The unique location at a busy intersection in the centre of Copenhagen, also meant that forced perspective could be used. This means that when a viewer stands in a specific position, an optical illusion reveals itself, truly integrating the scene into this unique location.

On location

To create the forced perspective we needed to shoot reference of the location from the point-of-view of the viewer. Using a lens that approximates human vision (50mm prime), and by placing the camera at an average height we then photographed the construction site.  


Into 3D for a camera match 

Via some clever mathematics that’s known as a camera match, we could now have a virtual representation of the site and a camera that represented the viewers point-of-view. This meant it was now possible to do a set build that followed the concept sketch. Adding props and construction details really added to the sense of scale and grandeur of the statue as it towers above the street below.   


Projection to print 

The final part of the puzzle was to render out the scene from the matched camera, and give the images some added polish in retouch. These final images were then re-projected onto 3D geometry, and rendered out for a final time. It’s these files that were then handed over to eyemedia for printing at scale.

So what was the score your wondering? Barcelona fans look away now…it was 2-0 to Real Madrid.

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