Upright Music – Christmas cards

Next level location photography using a seasonal mix of 3D and retouch.

Client: Upright Music

Photographer: Jes Larsen, Territorium

Our work: 3D and retouch

Upright Music have a tradition of doing something a little special for their annual Christmas and New Year cards. They have a long standing working relationship with photographer Jes Larsen who’s story telling skills bring humour and drama to every project.

Jes likes to think out-of-the-box, and we’ve been able to help him realise his ideas using a combination of 3D and retouch.

We have lift-off…

Taking a cue from much loved Sci-fi TV series such as Space 1999 and Star Trek, Upright wanted a nostalgic space theme. Yep you guessed it, viscose suits, carefully coiffured hair and laser guns.

We knew the final images would feature a large group shot, so in pre-production we helped Jes explore the options by building a virtual set.

This meant that before the shoot we knew how much studio space would be needed, the camera lens Jes would use and the camera position and height. This took all the guess work out of the situation and we could be 100% sure that what was photographed would perfectly match the render of the 3D environment.

After the shoot we took the selects and started the process of comping them into the final renders. At this stage it was very much like a traditional photographic job, beautifying the people (they’re a good looking bunch, so that wasn’t so hard) and making sure that they sat within the virtual environment in a believable way.

We developed a crisp cinematic look that sets off the light coloured uniforms and bronzed skin tones against the dark inky hues of ship

Lights, Camera, Ancient China

With the final frontiers of space conquered, it was time to return back to earth in this next version. Taking a cue from 70’s Kung-Fu films, the Upright crew where transported to an ancient temple location. The entire group where shot in one, masked out and integrated into the 3D rendered temple scene.

Digital Scouting

Photographers can now realise some pretty wild ideas when photography is combined with CGI. But it’s not only about the final image.

We can also use CGI in the pre-production stage to plan a photographic shoot. By blocking out an idea in real-world scale, with specific camera details, we’re able to build a virtual set. This allows different camera angles to be visualised, art-direction explored and potential problems solved ahead of the shoot.

This means when our photographic clients hit the studio or location, they’re secure in the knowledge that what they’re about to photograph has been fully tested and is going to work.

Get in touch and find out how we can help you shoot more efficiently using our 3D expertise as a digital scouting tool.

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