The Joy of Giving – Vero Moda

Seasonal grading for this short film that’s full of christmas cheer.

Client: Vero Moda

Production company: Malling Publications

Director: Rasmus Skousen

Our work: Colour grading and VFX

Cute girl, adorable puppy dog, delicious looking cookies. What’s not to like?

Filmed in our neighborhood of Frederiksberg, with the snow dusting our beloved streets, director Rasmus Skousen shot this heart warming film for Christmas ’18. We graded, cleaned and helped add a little atmosphere to the footage whilst staying true to the original capture. So we hope you get the message of the story. Giving is great and Vero Moda will help you look damned good whilst doing it!

Build atmosphere using colour and tone. Get in touch and hear how our colour grading expertise can help.

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