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The Image Faculty

We are a visual content creation studio.

We create and optimize visual content for commercials, television, digital out-of-home, online, interactive and print media. Our customers benefit from the unique combination of photographic retouch, CGI, colour grading and VFX we offer. We help them deliver flexible cross-media content suitable for any device and platform.


Here’s a selection of our latest and greatest projects. Click-through for further insight and project breakdowns.

Bang & Olufsen have pushed the boundary once again with their radical approach to sound design and how it features in our lives. The Beosound Shape system of wall mounted speakers.. Read more

Advertising can be a wacky-world. Sometimes it requires you to take a leap of faith, sometimes a cold hard look at yourself. When Big Mama and Orbit Red approached us on this job we had no idea… Read more

Alm. Brand wish to assist on life’s journey and this is illustrated via a series of scenes shot by Morten. This impressive set of images is a combination of studio and location based photography. Our work began by… Read more

Using a nudist colony as a way to warn about the dangers of over exposure to the sun, makes, well sense, right? Agency &Co alongside The Danish Cancer Society took a light-hearted approach to what’s a serious… Read more

ARKK are a young ambitious sneaker brand based right here in our home town of Copenhagen. Their unique approach to sneaker design pulls on a different heritage than the average sports orientated shoe… Read more


These are the tools we use to solve our clients challenges.

In today’s connected world your content must perform across multiple touch-points. This is why we offer a tailored range of services that combine to deliver outstanding results. From still image work for print, 3D animation and film grading, through to interactive content for digital delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Our experienced team can help you through the whole production process from brief to delivery. If you have the just the seed of an idea, we can help you realise it to it’s full potential. If you require the final finish of existing material, we’re experts in delivering content of the highest quality. Whichever combination of our services you choose to use, you can be sure that we’ll help you exceed expectations.

Colour grading

Use colour and tone in powerful ways to heighten your message. We apply photographic knowledge, craft and experience to enhance our client’s vision.


From the subtle to the explosive. We deliver on the dramatic extremes and everything in-between. Object removal, match-moving, visual effects and more are carried out in our on-line suite.

CGI & animation

Realise your creative vision using our 3D/CGI service. It’s a potent combination of technology, technique and artistry that opens up a world of possibilities.


Our retouch expertise covers a wide gamut of needs. From bringing diverse visual elements together, clean-up to creating eye-catching looks, this is the domain where the magic happens.



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